Machbarschaft is a neighbourhood help for elderly people without internet access or internet competence
More than 10 million people in Germany are over 60, particularly vulnerable to the virus and in need of help - but without Internet.
We are developing a solution that is accessible to everyone: a technology-supported telephone service where elderly neighbours can submit their requests for purchases. Together with an app where machbar:innen can accept requests from nearby neighbours.
With our technological platform and artificial intelligence, we can provide a fast, secure and scalable service to help
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We are 1 of 20 selected projects from a total of 1,500 submitted projects of the #WirVsVirus Hackathon of the Federal Government and are working on the implementation.

Help out your neighborhoods with us.
You want to see for yourself what it sounds like when you call our service? Try it out!
Your data will be transferred to our database and your order already arrives in our app. If your order is not accepted, you will receive a phone call after 24 hours that your order could not be processed yet, but you can extend the order. You can test both sequences by choosing between both at the beginning of the call (so you don't have to wait 24 hours for your call back).
Older people are currently particularly vulnerable and in need of help, but often have no access to digital neighbourhood assistance.
A call to Machbarschaft already helps.

Older neighbours in need of help call the telephone number of Machbarschaft

A bot records the request - whether it is a purchase or another transaction

Our Machbarschaft app shows the inquiries in the neighbourhood

Find a request in your area and help neighbors.

"How do I act" Flyer for people seeking help
"How do I act" Flyer for people seeking help
To ensure that you as MACHBAR:IN and helper:in are protected from infection in the best possible way, we have already developed detailed rules of conduct for you and our help seekers that correspond to the RKI guidelines. So everybody is protected!
Our help seekers make a simple phone call via our free hotline* and your requests are processed by artificial intelligence systems and finally sent to our helpers as an order on the app. Without any personal contact!
You can find more information in our FAQ.

We are a team of more than 25 people...

from all over Germany. We were brought together by the mission to provide safe and fast access to neighbourhood assistance for elderly people without internet access during the Corona pandemic. We are convinced: Together everything is possible!

Alexander Hodes

architekt und developer software developer & student M.Sc.

Asha Olol

content project manager & translator

Beate Tertilte

marketing designer

Benedikt Bleuel

android developer dual student B.Sc., business informatics

David Schmidt

Backend and bot developer student B.Sc., informatics

Dennis Beste

godfather of the idea & mentor serial entrepreneur

Dimitri Wolf

PR video production & iOS developer mechatronics engineering

Felix Beil

android developer student M.Sc., informatics

Felix Schlegel

iOS developer pupil

Florian Ernst

iOS developer student M.Sc. aircraft construction

Jannik Rulitschka

backend and bot developer technical senior consultant

Jenny Lam

Visibilty & RKI compliant content medical doctor

Jens Wiechers

mentor non-profit manager, business angel

Jonas Scheid

Website student/ web designer

Julian Wieners

android developer student, computer science and biology

Kerstin Hahlbohm

ux Design senior Consultant ux ui design

Kerstin Limberger

project manager student M.A. & project manager

Kilian Schneider

android developer software developer

Larissa Greth

branding strategist/ innovation consultant/ idealist

Leona Mölgen

social media & design master student for teaching profession

Linus Geffarth

iOS developer/ UI Lead ctp & co-founder, propject manager & full stack developer

Lukas Heine

mentor student medical technology M.Sc. & working student

Louisa Bruck

Personal Studentin, M.Sc. Psychologie

Marc Sommer

(IT) project manager student M.Sc., business informatics

Manuela Greipel

mentor & trouble shooting coordination, project management, public relations, press

Nina Hutzel

social media digital content creator/ social media consultant/ idealist

Patrick Schwan

strategy it consultant

Robert Ecker

iOS developer teamlead engineering at HolidayCheck

Sarah Mordelt

Voicebot Development technology consultant

Stella Weise

product development it consultant

Tan Dang

android developer business analyst

Vithusan Vijayaratnasingam

project manager project manager digital transformation


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